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Our Industrial Services division is the fastest growing of all the services we provide. Combining exceptional tank cleaning services with very competitive rates and a first class safety program, RTI Industrial Services is doing the job safer and better.

Offering rescue for both complex and non-complex situations, our tank cleaning crews are all confined space certified and receive regular, on-going job and safety training to maintain the highest levels of safety and efficiency.
Our Industrial Services provide all the necessary equipment for your tank cleaning needs including everything from vacuum trucks, roper trucks, hydro excavators, hydro blasters, steam cleaners and Vactor supersuckers. Whether it be simple site cleanup, a small poly tank cleaning, or a giant 20,000 Bbl. tank, RTI is fully equipped and capable to do the job safely and efficiently. Rescue services are also available separately to assist your crew with proper confined space permitted jobs.

Simply contact us, and our qualified and professional staff will be happy to meet with you to see how RTI Industrial Services can help meet your tank cleaning needs.